program notes

    The word “sonder” refers to the emotion one feels upon realizing that strangers, passerby and everyone we encounter, however fleetingly, have lives as complex as our own. We are all inhabiting the same space as each other, individual actors in the same grand events, but usually with minimal awareness of such a situation's true scale.

    In this piece, the use of two players playing a single marimba seeks to capture this feeling musically.

    The players’ lines weave in and out of coherence with each other, sometimes connecting for a brief period of time before parting again. I hope that my interpretation of these microcosms of life, the dances of familiarity and separation we unconciously perform, serves to help further connect humanity to itself.


    Score (PDF)
    for two players and one marimba
    Duration 5mins
    Composed 2017